General Info

  • Western Fantasy setting with Eastern elements and inspiration.

    • Expect knights and sorcerers, with more martial arts and kami.
  • Mankind lives primarily in walled city-states, with a few exceptions.  There are rumors of mountain villages or other isolated towns that have survived, and there have been recent pushes to recover land outside the walls.
  • Beast folk exist, but are a minority
  • Like hearthstones and demanses, crystalized essence (needs a name) often forms along dragon lines and nexuses.  Greater stones function much like hearthstones, but less pure crystals tend to be used for alchemical purposes.
  • "Hearthstone" in this setting refers to the gigantic crystals that can be found in the center of each of the surviving nine kingdoms.  Ironically, they are, like in Exalted, stones that formed in places where large amounts of essence had pooled.  However, these crystals are closer to the size of a house, and not able to be slotted into your sword.



  • Tech level is generally age of sail, but with more focus on swords and personal combat, than firearms.
  • Guns exist, but 'fire dust' is costly to produce.

    • Ball and powder or dragonbreath style?  Or both?  So hard to decide =S
  • Airships have been reinvented rather recently, and are incredibly rare.
  • Golden age technology can sometimes be found, but the expertise to properly repair it has been lost.  Also, the batteries have been used up.


  • Main religion is a sun focused one.  Preaches purity of spirit, and salvation rather than damnation.
  • Old religion was earth focused.  Focus on harmony above all.  It has gone 'out of style', but they still have temples.
  • The two religions don't always see eye to eye, but generally coexist peacefully


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