Although similar in style, the world of Arcadia is not the same as Exalted's Creation.  To account for the difference in setting, certain rules will be adapted.

The heroes of Arcadia are built as Solar Exalts, with some minor changes:

  1. General

    1. Races: Human and Beast people are definite options.  Considering the existence of an Elf or golemoid like option.
    2. Castes: Castes are purely a game mechanic, and are not something expressed in world.
    3. Limit and Limit breaks: Not a thing?
    4. The Wyld: Not a thing.  Some charms and effects can work despite this, others will be adapted to work on corruption, and others may need to be dropped.  Will evaluate.
  2. Merits / Flaws

    1. Cult: While heroes might have power on the level of demi-gods, they do no gain any actual power from worship
    2. Demesne: While these locations exist, there are few within the civilized lands, and are not appropriate to be owned by an individual character.  On the flip side, they do not need to be attuned and anyone staying within proximity can make use of their benefits.
    3. Manse: Under consideration
    4. Selective Conception: Not as appropriate to the setting, but if someone really wants it…
    5. Wyld Mutant: Trait given to non humans.  -1 social with human, -3 to nobles etc
  3. Anima: Caste marks themselves do not exist, but caste mark abilities and anima effects are otherwise as normal.  


Other Changes

  1. Exalts: Well, we don't have rules for them anyways.
  2. Training times and xp rates: Being re-evaluated for this specific campaign.  They will be fair.
  3. Panoply:

    1. Most mundane armour and weapons should be fine as is;  Flame pieces and Fire wands, however, are likely to be subject to some changes, as conventional firearms exist.
  4. Special Materials:

    1. Chiaroscuru glass: Does not exist?  Probably?
    2. Feathersteel: Possible.
    3. Ironwood: Should be alright.
  5. Magical Materials:

    1. Jade: Definitely still a thing.
    2. Moonsilver: Not sure.
    3. Orichalcum: Yep.
    4. Starmetal: This isn't likely to be the same.
    5. Soulsteel: Rare, newly discovered.
  6. Artifacts:  

    • Artifacts with mundane uses (such as most weapons or armor) can be used by 'mortals' while unattuned, however, they function as a mundane (if exceptional) item.  Uses that require essence, cannot.


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