During an age past, known to scholars as the Fifth Age, the Golden Age, mankind's influence is said to cover the globe.  He lived in ivory towers that reached to the heavens, spoke with his kin from across the sea, and traveled the between cities as easily as one moves across town.  And then, something changed.  The idyllic cities of man found themselves suddenly under siege by creatures never before seen by man.  Even with all of his wonders, man could not hold back the sudden tide, and one by one, the cities of man fell, over run by beast both native and strange.

These days, the bastions of man are few and far between;  Great walled cities that hold back the horde through bulwark of stone.  These fortress-cities have bought man the time to regroup and even find a measure of stability.  The tides of darkness have thrown themselves upon the walls, and now they wane.  And in their place, a new power grows within the spirit of man.  Some declare that the Age of Darkness has finally ended, and a new age has begun.

The Age of Heroes.

Dawn of an age